midnight notes

– I feel like I can do it
– there is a fight inside me between art of doing nothing and staying occupied
– escape from nihilism. its a deep vicious circle
– suicide is a manly act as much as surviving
– if you dont know this band, you should be ashamed of your wasted time by scrolling down hundreed miles on the screens
– you wanna consume quality or quantity?
– you wanna produce kids or art?
– could you say kids are the ultimate idea of creating and art?
– how can you create a new life just for joy without even knowing that what kind of life they gonna have?
– what you gonna tell them if one day they’ll come and ask you why did you bring me to this life?
– dont you think youre slave of reckless evolution?
– are you in love with mother nature or youre just trying to stay sane?
– dont you think evil is better than god? how deeply did you take your time on this?
– are you really happy that your family gave you birth? how can you compare being with nothingness? something that is not there
– does dark thoughts makes you low? dont you think you should be more strong than that?
– do you think you should be yourself or you should fix yourself?
– I think you know nothing and its better for you
– dont you think life is a sickness and its tryna spread like a virus to other planets?
– you think all this people here because they love life or its just hard to end your life?
– would you support euthanasia camps?
– aren’t you tired?
– i’m tired
~ Timidus
midnight, a few years before his death
midnight notes
Dance With The Dead – Andromeda